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We are a general agency for many continent especially for whole europe countries, our partner the manufacturer is one of the very few companies that possess a full range of the key technologies required for Binoculars night vision devices, and is a leader in the intelligent night vision dome camcorder industry.

Resulted from our partner research, development and product portfolio includes portable special Binoculars night vision equipment, High-definition TV broadcasting camcorders with night vision functions, hand-held all-weather camcorders, automobile / maritime night vision safety systems and more. The application of our products are beyond imagination, and are currently used in many industries and application environments.



Portable special Binoculars Night Vision equipment

HD Night Vision professional camcorder

Hand-Held Night Vision SLR camera

Vehicle/Yacht Vision safety system

Special Night Vision Equipment

Learn more special Binoculars with night vision range-500 meters, facial recognition at 300 meters; active near-infrared with superior homogenization technology, 5-fold infrared protection technology, Fog penetration, Glare protection and wide angle trajectory, 22 X optical intelligent zoom, 100X digital amplification, one tou..



HD TV  Night Vision Camcorder

1/3 inch High Sensitivity CMOS, 300megapixels HD camcorder; strong fog penetration, Night vision range 500m in total darkness with near-infrared night vision function, facial recognition at 300m, Dual night vision functions, low light level and NIR (optional), Standard interface, with HDMI and S…



Night Vision SLR Camera

Night Photo shooting, Discrete Photo shooting, Optical zoom, Individual storage, Intelligent battery life. Applications; public order, traffic night control, forest fire prevention, city administration…



Vehicle/Maritime Night Vision System

Auto speed synchronization with vehicle speed; Glare protection, auto switch based on the vehicle high light beam status (on/off); Fog penetration function, which allows operator to turn on the function in foggy day to improve driving safety; Long range night vision, up to 200m; Traffic pre-warning, p…


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