Kraftturbinenwerk / Industriemaschinen – Zubehör

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We offer through our quailified Partner a global services for the full range of sophisticated solutions for the energy and power industry, founded by the best German turbine engineers

We can offer you also manufacturing lines, industrial laboratory, power plants, Turbines, Clean energy machines, all sizes of generators, construction machines  and any size of trucks, heavy machines an Cranes…
Beside this we can get you from scratch water factories, juice factories, chocolate factories, cement factories and others..

All related equipment and various mechanic/electric tools can be ordered new and used along with special services including inspection, special dismantling, installation and guarantees..

We are also able to get you brand new and used divers equipments for supermarkets, warehouses, restautrants.. for example normal or heavy shelves, display cabinets, refrigerated showcases, heaters, air-Conditioners/purifiers, fans, cranes, pulling devices for cargo, pallets, equipment for packaging andother machines..

If the product you are looking for is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us with the need specifications.             

Turbine Engine Power Plants.. all sizes from the best famous manufacturer mostly German Engineering and made

New and used Generators
– Combined Cycle Power Plants
– Gas & Steam Turbines
– Gas & Diesel Engines
– Wind turbines and solar systems
– Hydroelectric power plants and waste incineration
– Turbine engine powerplants
– Service-key delivery
– Available brand new & used
Service for industry
– Disassembly, Installation & Maintenance
– EPC and O & M
– Technology transfer, Upgrades & Overhaul
– Energy & Utilities
– Construction & Reverse Engineering
– Südwind – NEG Micon – Vestas – Nordex …
– Available brand new & used